English for Economy and Management (02) --- Introduction ---

This module is made up of 2 articles, with a set of about 10 exercises each, representing a total of 21 exercises.
It focuses on different types of crises. It could interest English teachers and anyone working on societal issues with their students.

The articles presented here are:

Better Shelter 01 True False

Better Shelter 02 Keywords

Better Shelter 03 Word Search

Better Shelter 04 Collocations

Better Shelter 05 Compounds

Better Shelter 06 Verbs

Better Shelter 07 Word-building

Better Shelter 08 Re-ordering

Better Shelter 09 Prepositions 1

Better Shelter 10 Prepositions 2

Better Shelter 11 Quiz

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Student Debt 01 Comprehension 1

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Student Debt 02 Vocabulary 1

Student Debt 03 Vocabulary 2

Student Debt 04 Use of English 1

Student Debt 05 Listening 1

Student Debt 06 Use of English 2

Student Debt 07 Use of English 3

Student Debt 08 Vocabulary 3

Student Debt 09 Vocabulary 4

Student Debt 10 Comprehension 2

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  • Description: 3 articles, with a set of about 10 different exercises each (listening comprehension, vocabulary, prepositions, passive voice...). interactive exercises, online calculators and plotters, mathematical recreation and games
  • Keywords: interactive mathematics, interactive math, server side interactivity, english, economics,, humanitarian aid, refugee crisis, refugee camps, solidarity, housing solutions, philanthropic housing, Housing for AA Foundation, IKEA, UNHCR, shelter, population displacement, Student loans, university studies, student loan debt, university graduates, loan repayment, default, private debt, federal debt, student debt crisis, interest rates, millennials